Bluetooth Low-Power-Consumption Headset Microcontroller
  • CW6687B/8B is a low-power high-performance system on chip specially for BT+MP3 Bluetooth headset applications. This SoC complies with Bluetooth 4.2 specification. CW6687B/88B supports battery charge management and echo cancellation to suit for high-perfor


Product Features
Support BluetoothV4.2classicspecification, backward-compatible with BT v.1.2, 2.0, 2.1,4.0 and 4.1
Noise reduction
AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)(CW6687B/88B)
One Bluetooth headset pairing two Bluetooth-enabled phone (only CW6688BSupport)
Bluetooth audio playback 
Simple pairing with no need for manual password entry and automatic reconnection 
VCM buffer
Charge control
LED indicator light
DAC with 90dB SNR
ADC with90dB SNR
Support low-power sniff mode, power consumption as low as 6uA when soft shutdown (support battery charge management)
Product Advantages
MP3+BThighly-integrated to reduce BOM cost
Echo cancelation that ensures clear conversations
Built-in buck power supply greatly extending the battery life of the matched products
Built-in FLASH saving PCB space
Battery charge management parameters can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements of different battery capacity
Excellent cost-to-performance ratio provides customers with more competitive solutions
Bluetooth headsets

System Block Diagram