Bluetooth Low-Power-Consumption+MP3 decoder chip
  • CW6676X are series of high-performance low-power BT+MP3 Microcontrollers, integrating advanced digital and analog peripherals to suit for Bluetooth audio playback, voice calls, smart phone camera shutter remote control and other Bluetooth applications. It


Product Features
Support classic Bluetooth4.2, backward-compatible with3.0/2.1+EDR
Class2power level, RF Performance: TX: 0dBm,RX: -85dBm;
Support Bluetooth audio playback and voice call, noise reduction
Support HID Bluetooth remote control self-timer, Bluetooth SPP and Anti-lost function
Support simple pairing and auto reconnection
MP3/SBC decoder
Support 16-bitstereoDAC with SNR>90dB, embedded with two class A/B headphone amplifier
Support MIC recorder;
Two 8-bit/16-bittimers, support Capture and PWM mode;
Watchdog Timer
Support full-duplex IIS, UART, IIC, SPI interface;
Support USB(Full speed2.0)/SD card
EQ debugging
Built-in buck converter, DC-DC4.2Vto1.35v
Internal LDO Regulator: 1.35Vto1.2V, 4.2v to3.3V
Passed Bluetooth BQB certification and RF certifications; Support Bluetooth copyright protection
Product Advantages
mature solution, improved development platform and SDK
MP3+BT highly-integrated to reduce BOM cost
Buck power supply greatly extending product’s battery life
Mono/dual channel options available, more advantageous cost selection
High cost efficiency that provides competitive solutions
Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth headset
Home Bluetooth speakers
High quality stereo speakers
Bluetooth audio communication equipment

System Block Diagram