FLASH Memory Microcontroller
  • AX218C is a highly integrated, cost-effective USB 2.0 flash controller. It can work with various brands of SLC, MLC and TLC NAND flash to produce U-disk which provides reliable memory storage for customers. With an advanced error correction ECC controller


Product Features

Fully support USB standard 1.0/2.0
Support528/2K/4K/8K/16K bytes page NAND FLASH
Support all brands of old and new SLC, MLC, TLC NAND FLASH
Support X8 and X16 width NAND FLASH
Support3.3V and 1.8V supply voltage NANDFLASH
Support SDR, ToggleDDR1.0, ONFI2.2NAND FLASH interface
Support ECC function to correct up to 72bit per 1K bytes
Support Bad block management
Support data hardware randomizer
Few external components .Easy bonding.
USB-IF, WHQL Certification

Product Advantages

High-performance ECC controller and NAND FLASH controllers, Support various brands of NAND FLASH to provide customers with largest selection of NAND FLASH
Smart Bad Block Management; Support NANDFLASH of various qualities to reduce manufacturing costs
Smart Wear Leveling algorithm with data hardware randomizer can extend NAND FLASH lifetime
Built-in bad block management supports NAND FLASH of latest engineering process
This product has few peripheral components and provides a crystal-less solution, which is easy for wire bonding and helps customers to reduce BOM cost and to improve productivity.


U Disk

System Block Diagram