Bluetooth Low-Power-Consumption+MP3 Decoder Microcontroller
  • CW6691X audio player microcontroller is designed to provide MP3 decoder, FM, Bluetooth applications with cost-effective, low-power, and high-performance microcontroller solutions. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 and LE, and integrates advanced digital and analo


Product Features

Bluetooth4.2/3.0/2.1+EDR(Support BLE and classic mode)
On-chip Power management unit (PMU) controls all modules on the board for real-time monitoring
Multiple sets of timers and external interrupts; 4 programmable interrupt priority levels
21 GPIO pins with configurable pull-up/pull-down resistors
4groups of PWM interfaces/Three SPI interfaces/Full-duplex IIS interfaces
Infrared controller/IIC controller
MP3/SBC decoder
Support USB(Full speed 2.0)/SD card
Internal FM
EQ sound adjustment
Watchdog timer
Built-in Buck converter, DC-DC 4.2Vto1.35v
Internal LDO regulator: 1.35Vto1.2V, 4.2v to3.3V
Low Voltage Detector
Support Bluetooth Classic and BLE
Passed Bluetooth BQB certification and various RF certifications; Support Bluetooth copyright protection
Product Advantages

Dual-mode Bluetooth integrated MP3and FM functions; highly- integrated; improved development platform
Buck power supply greatly extending battery life of matched products
A variety of different interfaces to meet the needs of different applications
System-level solution designed for Bluetooth headsets and speakers
High cost efficiency which provides a highly competitive solution for customers

Bluetooth speakers
Bluetooth headsets
True Wireless speakers/headsets
Smart Home/Smart Industrial

System Block Diagram